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​​Revelstoke, BC


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Q:How many people can fly in the helicopter for a tour?

A: The helicopter can seat up to four passengers and one pilot.

Q:Does my child need to pay for a seat?

A: Children under the age of two sit on an adult's lap and are free - aged two and over they need their own seat.

Q:How high will we fly?

A: We normally fly 500-1,000ft above the ground but will fly around mountains that are up to 10,000ft high.

Q:Is it safe?

A: All our aircraft are rigorously maintained and our pilots are very safety conscious - we do not fly aggressively or in a dangerous manner. 

Q:What should we wear?
A: There is no need for any special clothing for the tour flights - the helicopter has a heater and vents to control the temperature.

Q:Can I take photographs/videos?

A: Yes - we just ask that you don't do so while loading/unloading the helicopter for safety reasons.

Q:Do I need to put my cellphone into 'airplane' mode or turn it off?

A: No, there is no need to turn your cellphone off or into 'airplane' mode but you cannot use personal electronic devices during takeoff/landing.

Q:Will we see any animals/wildlife?

A: We can't guarantee that you will see wildlife on the tours, but we often spot bears, goats, mule deer, moose, osprey and eagles.