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At Glacier Helicopters, a culture of safety forms a fundamental component of the success of our company. Our organization is strengthened by making continuous safety observations as an integral part of our daily activities. 

All employees are responsible and accountable for their actions and safety performance while working in and around helicopters and company assets. This safety attitude/practice starts with myself as President and Accountable Executive. I encourage all personnel to think and work safely at all times, regardless of any real or perceived pressures to do otherwise.

The main objectives of the Glacier Helicopters Safety Management System (SMS) are as follows:
- Identify and resolve any work safety issues and
provide a safe working environment for all customers, employees and bystanders
- Prevent aircraft accidents and incidents
- Prevent environmental damage
- Minimize damage or injury to personnel, property and equipment in the event of an accident
- Encourage discussion, education and a proactive approach on safety between employees and management
- Implement a non punitive hazard, accident, and incident reporting system

In order to follow through with and meet our objectives, we have implemented and maintain an active SMS. Our objective is the proactive management of identifiable hazards, the reduction of risk to a level as low as reasonably practicable, and the sharing of safety information with all personnel involved in our day to day operations.

Paul Tigchelaar
​Paul Tigchelaar
​President and Accountable Executive